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Most people who come to have their eyes tested are aware of the fact that they are having eye-related problems or just want a new pair of glasses or contact lenses. Some problems include; inability to see at a certain distance, headaches, tiredness, family history of eye related problems, old age or difficulty with prolonged periods of VDU use. Regardless of whether you are experiencing problems or not we would recommend that you should have an eye test every two years.

pdfDownloading our eye chart may give you a better idea of whether you need to visit 20/20

Instructions for use
1. Distance chart
This chart should be placed 6m (20 feet) away.
The ability to read the second bottom line which is the 20/20-6/6 line is generally regarded as the line that an average person with normal vision can see comfortably. However, if you are long-sighted you may be able to read this line but still require glasses, long sighted people often can see clearly paticularly in the distance, but because their eye have to work harder than average their eyes get tired. If you are having difficulty reading normal newsprint, you should come and have your eyes tested. Remember you can have a pair of glasses made up to your prescription for as little as 45 at 20/20.


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