BLOG - Face mask Tips for glasses wearers

If you’re a glasses wearer at the moment, you might sometimes feel like you have to choose between being able to see and complying with the rules every time you put on a face mask.

With face masks now an important recommendation in preventing us from unwittingly transmitting Coronavirus to the people around us, more and more people are experiencing the foggy glasses problem. And given we might sometimes have to keep our face mask on for prolonged periods of time, it’s important that you can wear both and be comfortable, without compromising your vision.

SURELY there’s an easy way to stop your glasses from fogging up?

Thankfully there is!

The key is to stop your breath going straight up from your mouth to your eyes. But how can you do that? Here are our three tips.

TIP 1: Tie the straps of your mask in a knot, as close as possible to the mask itself. You can also simply cross the straps, which will achieve the same result. This will create a pocket for your breath to come out the sides of your mask rather than straight up to your eyes. To stop your mask from slipping down your face and becoming uncomfortable, you can also try tying your knot around the legs of your glasses to hold them in place.

TIP 2: Use some scotch or medical tape to stick the mask down to the bridge of your nose. Use the tape to mold the mask tightly to the shape of the bridge of your nose. This stops your breath escaping upwards and forces it out of the pockets you’ve created to the sides.

TIP 3: If it’s comfortable, pull your mask a little further up your face, and sit your glasses on top of it. This can be a good alternative if you don’t have any tape handy!

Follow these 3 quick and easy tips and you’re good to go!

Remember that avoiding having to strain is important for the health of your eyes and maintaining good vision, so it’s worth making sure you’re comfortable.